L&S: First-Year Pathways

Where You Find Your People, Your Place, and Your Passions at Berkeley

Pathways is an exciting new program for first-year undergraduate students at UC Berkeley. It consists of three courses — linked by a common theme — that you take in your first semester at Berkeley.

First-Year Pathways Provide

Early Class Enrollment

Pathways provides priority enrollment into three courses for incoming first-year students

Small Class Experience

An exciting small-class experience with a professor renowned in their field

New Friendships

A chance to make friends with other new students through shared personal interests

Graphic of one large grey circle with three circles that connect above it. The main grey circle text: Common Theme, Small cohort experience, degree progress and early class enrollment. Circle 1 text above grey circle: Hub: 25 students, interdisciplinary, enrichment activities. Circle 2 and 3 text: Large lecture, dedicated section.